Welcoming a New Staff Member

by Jenni with an “I”@JenniwithaniK

So a couple of weeks ago, we brought a few candidates to our campus to interview for our open Area Coordinator position. It was so interesting to be in the interviewer side of the process. Of course there are always a few lessons to learn on dos and don’ts of interviewing, but I was energized by the idea of selecting the next person that would have a huge impact on our students.

We finally narrowed it down and offered the position to our candidate, Amanda! She has accepted and will be moving in this weekend! This week has been fun as our director and I have been thinking of ways to make sure she feels a warm welcome when she gets here!

I remember my arrival a year ago and I truly enjoyed getting my welcome laundry basket filled with home necessities. Of course we went out and got her a similar basket and a welcome card signed by all our staff! We’ve also rounded up our staff to help her move in when she arrives so her move isn’t much longer than the 20+ hour drive from Pennsylvania. Along with getting her acquainted to the area this weekend, I am also looking forward to doing a bit of training with her: Just another way to work on my ability to develop others.

Did you get welcomed to campus in a neat way? What are some ways you have welcomed a new team member?

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