Starting Up

by Katie LaSota

It’s finally that time to start back up again. After a great, but busy two months off from work I am excited to say that I am excited to start another year. Over the summer I had a lot of great professional development opportunities. I got to attend the ACUHO-I conference in Minneapolis, MN (my backyard) and the UMR-ACUHO summer meeting in St. Louis, MO. Both the meeting and conference were a great way to stay involved professionally, even though I was on my summer break. While I have always written great things about a 10-month contract, I think I might have over glorified its benefits. Over these two months I completely lost my routine. I spent a lot of time sleeping in, staying up late, and working a summer job. I forgot that I needed to exercise, spend time with family, and find a way to reenergize myself for the coming year. The ten-month contract really requires someone who can feel motivated and accomplish tasks without a strict schedule. While I would not change too much about my summer, I just wish I had been more productive.

I am looking forward to talking about my conference experience at ACUHO-I and all that I learned in the coming weeks! I hope you had a great and productive summer.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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