Reach for the Sky…Better Yet the Moon

By Joshua Wilson

When the U.S. was the first to reach the moon, there was a passion to be the first. There was support from the nation as we braved the unknown. Not only did we defy gravity but we set forth a model for generations to come in space exploration.

Well those who are most likely reading this post are not astronauts, but we can reach for the moon.

In our work with our students, programs, and services we understand the models created by our own original explorers in higher education and student affairs administration. Those legends who laid the ground work for us. We hold in our positions and our daily wok the opportunity to bring new research, innovative programs and services to the student populations we represent and to the field of higher education.

I say these things in that lately, I’m shooting for the moon. That means delving back into research. It means determining the elements for success and overshooting. Because I believe when we push ourselves as graduate students or professionals, only then will we see our true potential. 

Joshua Wilson

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