Drawing Up Tomorrow

by Jenni with an “I”

So do you remember/are you working on one of those semester-long projects where you create a campus wide program by researching all the school’s background/demographics/ect. and resenting why you think your program will work? Well so am I! for a leadership program on campus, except mine isn’t for class… it’s for the director and vice president to review! How exciting is that?! Granted the proposal will look a bit different as they aren’t quite asking for all the same information, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it will turn out and what will come from it!

I’m also excited this week because I had the idea of recruiting a Student Affairs Graduate Intern to assist me with designing and implementing this leadership program. I was nervous at first, thinking my boss would think I was crazy, but after I presented what I would love assistance with and how I would develop them through it, he was all for it! I called over to a nearby institution and spoke with their Student Affairs Graduate Program Coordinator and they were excited for me to reach out to them as well! Granted, most of the graduates have already selected their fall internship, but I may get a great helper for the spring and/or the summer!

It’s crazy to think that I’m already planning things for next year! I have got one more week of summer camps to go and it feels like they just started last week. However, I can tell that I am looking forward to the fall semester as I have started to miss my students and begin envisioning all the crazy programs and events that will be going on this year. Even though I know the fall semester is going to start getting crazy in 2 weeks, I am very much looking forward to all the hustle and bustle! Are you?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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