Countdown to Move In: T-Minus 40 days

by Jimmy Kelley

Yikes! 40 days until students return to Stetson! I can’t believe how quickly summer is moving. Throughout the planning, the vacations, and the summer camps that we all know and love, there have been meetings upon meetings discussing plans for orientation sessions and programs. At Stetson, orientation is five days long and all incoming students are required to attend. This creates a different environment from your “typical” orientation sessions seen at other colleges and universities. It’s a week jam packed of excitement and hype, it is intentionally done so with the purpose of welcoming students to campus and making them feel as though they are joining the Stetson family.

Wellness and Recreation has a greater involvement in orientation this year than in previous years. We are planning a showcase of sorts to show off our new equipment and newly renovated facilities as well as a late night obstacle course race throughout campus. In addition to these events, I have donned yet another hat and am planning and coordinating Home Team – our daylong event to welcome incoming students and their families as well as assisting them with moving into their rooms. It’s set to be a busy and hectic schedule once the students return, but it’s definitely going to be exciting and fun too.
It’s hard to imagine finalizing everything in the next 40 days, but I am confident that it’ll get done. As Student Affairs professionals, we set ourselves up for success with our passion, energy, attention to details, and commitment to providing for a positive student experience.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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