By: Christina Ferrari

I find myself writing a lot on this blog about changes, transitions, and self-discovery. I think because graduate school is such a transformative time, so many new experiences and people to meet. And, if you have a graduate program like 
mine, you can bet there will be a serious focus on reflection.

This past weekend was Oregon State University’s graduation and, coincidentally, my alma mater DePaul University’s graduation as well. It can be a pretty bizarre feeling to be amidst the caps and gowns and for a brief moment recalling how exactly a year ago it was me walking down the aisle with Pomp and Circumstance ringing in my ears and a smile on my face.

It is amazing what a year can do, it is incredible how a year can change your perspective, priorities, and self-perception. It’s alarming to think about in exactly one year from now I will have another degree to my name and (hopefully!) another college or university to call home.
I offer my sincerest congratulations to all the graduates who are celebrating a life transition this summer. To all the newly employed or those seeking employment—I pray your path appears clearly and that you thrive in your next life chapter. Transitions can bring tears as well as smiles, relief as well as anxiety. As we close another academic year, I’d like to share with you all a quote I stumbled upon (quite literally) last week. I was heading out to go swing dancing and I came upon this message chalked on the sidewalk of downtown Corvallis, OR: “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”. It may be cliché, but maybe that’s because it’s true. When one door closes another one always opens.

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