Remember the College Bubble Doesn't End After College

By: Kim Pho

I use the term “College Bubble” not in the economic bubble sense, but in the term that we as Student Affairs peeps may be more familiar with. We would think that once we graduate from our respectable institutions the bubble would evaporate away from us. Where in some cases, I would agree and say that being a student and now being a professional has definitely been different, but in some instances I think it isn’t hard for us to get trapped inside the college bubble once more.

This microcosm isn’t the same college bubble that we oh so loved as an undergraduate or even as a grad student. This bubble still exists on college campuses, but now to the nth degree of being a professional. Finishing up my first year as a professional, I can say there have been a lot of learning opportunities, adversity, and just plan trivial annoyances amongst the good and the bad. As you start to readjust and transition into a new campus culture, you start seeing the good and the bad – the political and the lack luster.  

I recently realized that, I too, have once again been caught up in a new college bubble.  It wasn’t until I took a step outside of it this past weekend that I was able to gain some perspective and in some sense re-ground myself. I went on a trip to NYC, and left good ol’ South Bend, IN for a change in pace. Being able to remove myself from work and my surroundings, I started to realize that all the seemingly “important” things that stressed me out were rather trivial in some sense.

Things are temporary. I think this is the key idea that I keep forgetting when I get wrapped into some technicality or when I’m letting my position get the best of me. I don’t think anyone plans on staying in their first position as a professional, and sometimes we need to remind ourselves that there is a bigger world out there and this is only the stepping stone.  I know that it’s sometimes hard to not get caught up in your work, but when you’re feeling down about things that are out of your control remember the bigger picture. This is all temporary and there is still a whole world out there and a career that is still developing. So I encourage, if you have the time, to take a step back to see the whole picture before getting trapped in the college bubble.

Happy Friday!

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