Random Thoughts

by Jenni Kraft

In thinking of what to write this week, I had too many random thoughts… hence the title J Here are a few snippets for my week!

  • I was offered this wonderful job this time last year! How exciting!!
    • That is such a crazy thought! I just finished reading my blog from this time last year and it surely did sum up the exciting experience! Here are some quotes:
      • I marched in proud and ready for this amazing day to begin!
      • I remember thinking the day before how nervous I would be to eat properly while having an interview, but really it was very enjoyable
      • Honestly, when I read on my itinerary that I was meeting with the VP I was intimidated. The good news was that he was very welcoming and easy to speak with.
      • … in a matter of seconds, they exchanged glances and Tim stated that they would love to have me on board.
  • Doing room selection for our residence halls we had a great conversation wrapped around the thought that “We are creating lifelong friendships!!!”
  • I enjoy greeting my summer camps because I am always happy to welcome someone to my campus!
  • As I oversee summer conferences, I now have more responsibilities… and when the power went out this weekend I was the main contact! More Power = More Responsibilities = More Learning even 11 months into a “New” job! I’ll be a pro starting next month!
  • My summer conference assistants are the few that I will see for the summer, but it’s only been 2 weeks and I have already seen them grow!
  • I love living next to my friends (and co-workers) since I can just go knock on their door and say hi (and vice versa)!
  • Summer is a great opportunity to take time to get creative with planning programs and trainings for the next year J I can’t wait!
  • Which conferences shall I attend this year and who will I get to see at them?!
  • Trying to decide between working on my doctorate while here at Austin College full time or doing my doctorate full time will be a tough choice!
  • Still supper excited about Monsters University on June 21!!! Ou and I added “Mona Lisa Smile” to my Student Affairs DVD collection!

What are your thoughts?

Jenni with an “I”

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