New Start Same Start

by Joshua Wilson

I’ve recently started at the University of Florida and I have noticed that this second time around transitioning as a professional has been smoother. One of my personal continued challenges has been to ask the right questions. In the past, I have been known to jump without looking from job search to finding an apartment and cable/ internet packages

When I transitioned the first time around, every dollar had a purpose and was strategically budgeted for food, moving costs, and so on. My start day was just two weeks out from the start of school and one week from the end of summer. I would be thown in to the fire that is the first few weeks in a matter of days. I can remember being so anxious to get started and begin the new journey. However, I had to find my work rhythm. I was in the early stages of developing my advising and supervision styles. I understood that in my first professional role I needed to build a foundation for my growth as a professional.

For those new professionals I can’t stress enough the need to ask the right questions during your training. For example, what are all the University trainings you need? If you can take care of all necessary trainings over the summer, do so. What equipment do you need access to? Do you need a purchase card? Do your student groups have meetings scheduled for the fall? If so, when? If you can start to look ahead at how your responsibilities intersect with your academic calendar you’ll be better off come the start of the new semester.

The second transition has been much smoother in large part due to the fact that I’ve asked the right questions and have set pieces in motion early on in my new work role. A lot of what I learned from graduate student to early professional has carried over into this new role.  From setting expectations, clear goals, finding a comfortable work rhythm, making early professional connections, and looking ahead at the programming and academic calendar is adding to the smooth transition.

Who else out there is transitioning to their second professional role? How’s that going?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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