It's Still Summer

by Jimmy Kelly

So this summer we decided to set some lofty goals for our department, and have a long list of projects to develop, improvements to make, and trainings to revamp. At times, I feel that I am on top of these projects, and at other times, I feel as though I’m getting crushed by the weight of them. Most of the time that I feel overwhelmed, it’s due to another circumstance that is adding more pressure to my task list. A surprise meeting here and a hiring search committee there, coupled with requests for increased orientation involvement has led to some of my projects and goals to fall by the wayside at this point. I feel as though I am telling myself to relax regularly and that if I just keep chugging along everything will get done in time. I have definitely seen progress in my list and am excited that my larger projects have begun to take shape and move forward.

As you're facing your summer tasks and lists, keep in mind that its summer! Summer is a time to relax and enjoy yourself. Make vacation time, take an impromptu mental health day and do something fun. After all, like Will Smith says, summer time is a time to sit back, relax, and unwind.

Happy Monday!

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