Transition is Transition

By Joshua Wilson


I recently announced to staff and friends that I will be leaving ND and headed to University of Florida. As many of you know transition is not easy. I’m moving 18 hours away from my current location and although I have three weeks before the move, there are a thousand things that have to be done.


I spent a Friday afternoon crafting a goodbye & farewell email to colleagues. There were some that deserved a more personal approach then an email, but I knew email would get the word to the masses. I spent a lot of time on this email and I certainly was overcome with emotion in the writing process and the responses from colleagues. I truly am blessed to have worked with so many great people.


There is nothing less I want to do than to leave the office with unfinished projects and more work for others. By June 14 I will certainly have finished several projects I’ve started over the past year. I’m also creating a transition binder that will hopefully give an advantage to the person that replaces me. You know, we’ve got to look after one another in this field.


Craig’s List worked wonders, it took five days but my apartment is now empty. I decided it was just cheaper to buy new furniture. Five days! I was hoping three weeks but this is a good problem to have. The only thing that didn’t sale was my TV stand. It just so happened that a colleague was having a Garage Sale that I was able sell the TV stand…well the sale is today, cross your fingers folks.


If you wait you lose. I’m moving to Gainesville- a college town. I have learned from experience that the better housing options are first picks. Fortunately through research and from talking to new colleagues I have been able to secure an apartment in a good location close-to- campus. I was told “You’re going to love it here.”


Where I hate to leave Notre Dame, I’ll go into Gainesville with professional experience under my belt. When I first started as a new professional there were questions and processes I wish I figured out from the beginning. I’ve already started pin pointing elements that will help the transition to Florida. Wish me luck everyone.

Joshua Wilson

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  1. Good luck, Joshua!! Welcome back to the South :) I really enjoyed reading your post. I'm so proud of all your accomplishments, and Florida is lucky to have you!

    1. Anna Thank you! I'm looking forward to the new opportunity with University of Florida. Hope to catch up with you soon!


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