Positives of the Ten-Month Contract

by Katie LaSota

During my first job search, if you would have asked me what type of position I was looking for I would have never thought about being on a ten-month contract. My first professional, postgraduate year of work has gone by fast. While it seems to have flown by I can still remember all of the busy times that I faced in this position. Closing was particularly long and stressful. What got me though a good portion of these stressful and busy times was the promise that I would have the summer off. That time has finally arrived and I am going to be taking the summer to work other jobs and relax. Here are a few reasons why I love my ten-month contract.
  1. As a young adult, I still feel like I am getting a summer. I realize this wont last long because I plan on moving up into a twelve-month contract.
  2. It gives one time to rejuvenate after closing and end of year paper work.
  3. Provides the opportunity to seek out other time consuming hobbies. For me, that would be focusing on roller derby and exercising.
  4. Allows one to work other jobs that sound exciting. This summer I am working at a golf course.
  5. Allows for more family, friend, and travel time. Let’s face it, during the school year it can be challenging to see all the people that really matter to you.
If you are currently job searching, I highly recommend including the ten-month contract in your search.

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