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Spring Succession Session

So this past Sunday, I hosted the first ever Austin College Spring Succession Session with my incredible team. This is a program that I created and coordinated that specifically focused on the officer transition for each of the student organizations on campus.

We kicked off the program with a team builder which was facilitated by my dear friend and mentor, Reed Rallojay from The University of Texas at Austin. It was great to be able to extend this presentation opportunity to one of my mentors from my undergrad and fellow cohort members. 

Our next session was an opportunity for the officers to reflect and thing about their incoming or exiting officer position and facilitate and officer exchange. While there were many organizations present, it was a little bit of a challenge for my wonderful facilitators to work with but it still turned out to be a great opportunity for students to think about what they will pass on for next year and what they will need. 

Our third session was a focus on goal setting for each organization. Reed once again lead this session and had them brainstorm ideas for next year along with setting some objectives to help them reach the goals. I look forward to seeing some of them happen next year!


The fourth session was four breakout sessions for the students to choose from. There was a program on using Myers Briggs, a student panel for best practices, how to be a great campus leader, and writing a “last speech” (for our exiting officers). It was so great to hear all the great feedback at the end of each session.

Finally, we concluded our program by welcoming back one of the Austin College alumni who was very involved on campus while she was here. She gave a very inspirational speech about the importance of being involved on campus and the type of impact you can make! As I have only gotten her this year, I did not have the pleasure to have worked with her while she was hear but I could truly tell she was a fabulous campus leader.

Overall, it was a great event for the students that they had never had before. I was so happy to have several of them come up to me afterwards thanking me for putting this program together and that it had so much value! I could not have done any of this without the help of my incredible Student Life Staff and some wonderful speakers and student presenters! After all the hard work, I am very proud of this accomplishment!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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