By Christina Ferrari  

So this week marks the end of my first year in graduate school. I have to say, the feeling I have is relief. I am so ready for the classes to be done and the work to be over. Saturday night a bunch of students went out to celebrate the second years’ graduation. It was a fun filled night, but it was a little sad to see the people I looked up to and sought advice from would no longer be around next year (which is good, they’ll all get great jobs and that is a wonderful thing).  I suppose it means it is time for me to become that mentoring second year grad who will treat a wide eyed and anxious first year student to lunch in a new city, who will lend a sympathetic ear as he/she tells me maybe he/she isn’t in the right program, and who will plan craft nights for the ladies in the program to feel a sense of community.  I think it is just hitting me now that this is my program, and that means I can help make it the best experience possible not only for me but for those who come after me. While I am thrilled that I am about 50% closer to graduation, I’m also looking forward to what the remaining 50% of my program has in store.

Congratulations to all those closing one chapter and starting a beginning. With the end of an academic year approaching, what are you looking forward to in the summer months and beyond?


Student Affairs - the First Years

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