Drum Role to Summer Conferences

by Jenni Kraft

I find it so interesting that I was supper excited about overseeing the summer conferences and yet when I applied and accepted the position, I did not realize just how important this role is to the camp.

If you don’t know, summer conferences are big fundraisers for colleges. This I did know… but I did not realize how much of a fundraiser it was and the stakes that were at hand. All year I have been working with about 20 summer camps who will be visiting our campus for this summer. We have all kinds from sports to academic focused camps and I have been doing my very best to prep for their arrival and a smooth execution of their ideal schedule. These camps are a great way to get connected to the community and are also fabulous for getting the Austin College name out for recruitment purposes. I thought it was so neat to get an email to a YouTube video with the director of National Hispanic Institute (one of our camps) talking to a news channel in Corpus Christy, TX about his camp and giving Austin College a shout out! It really made more of the position “Real” for me and energized me!

Sooo… these past 2 weeks I have been training my specially selected Summer Conference Assistants (SCA) for the fast approaching days when our summer camps visit our campus. We have gone through a much more thorough tour of the campus; more of a behind the scenes. We have covered tech training and meeting all of the important people it takes to make things happen on campus. We had mock check ins and check outs with helpful/confused/stressed camps with crazy situations and lost keys galore! We covered all the highs and lows and will be wrapping it all up with the “exciting” tradition of Mattress Day… in which we all wear shorts and t-shirts for a big moving day of retrieving mattresses for camps (it’s crazier than it sounds in that sentence).

The “Drum Role” will begin tomorrow as we begin prepping keys and forms for our first camp check in on Thursday!!! We are as ready as we can be and we are super excited about it! Here’s to a great (fruitful) summer conference season!

~Jenni with an “I”

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