A Reflection Guide

by Stefanie Lucas

My building is empty. I am appreciating the quiet time so I can actively reflect. For those of you in graduate school, you might be all reflected out; however, I put together a five-question reflection guide to help you process this last year. Below the reflection guide is five more questions to help you prepare for next year. Revisit the answers at the end of the summer!

For this past year:
1. In what areas did I improve in most over the last year? What supervisor or mentor assisted me to improve? How did I take an active role in improving?
2. When and how did I take risks? In what ways did these risks “payoff”?
3. Who did I impact this year and how? Consider students and fellow staff members. Make a list.
4. What would my colleagues say were my strengths over the last year? How did I utilize these strengths?
5. What projects or programs were successful? How?

To prepare for next year: 

1. What are five goals for next year?
2. How will you achieve these goals?
3. Who is someone you would like to get to get to know better on campus or at your new job?
4. List out three tangible goals for balance and well being for next year.
5. What support at work and outside of work do I need to be successful next year? (friends, family, mentors, etc)

Student Affairs - the First Years

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