The Weather: A Rant By A Minnesotan Residence Director

by Katie LaSota


It’s snowing here in MN, again. We are supposed to get anywhere from 2-6” of snow between now and tomorrow morning. Envisioning the end of the semester is hard when the weather does not match the season. Having to deal with snow in April is highly inconvenient for students, staff & faculty. Since last week I have been thinking about graduations ceremonies and the end of year programming that will all be taking place. All of these important events are being impacted by the fact that we have snow on the ground and more on its way. I have been working with the Resident Assistants in my area to create Civic Engagement programing for this month. We became very excited about having residents clean up a local park and then end with a picnic. While I wanted to have it this Wednesday, I figured that we would still have snow and I am right. Now I am starting to wonder if we will be able to have this event at all. It’s possible that we might still have snow or extremely wet grass in the beginning of May. When I started to think about all the complications I have been having with planning this event I then thought about the grounds staff and how they are handling planning an outdoors graduation ceremony. Campus is typically very lush and green by the time May comes around. I don’t think we are going to be that lucky this year. 

This got me thinking about all the different climates we live in. How has the weather affected your programming? How do you deal with planning and weather changes? Any suggestions to new professionals?
I am not happy that we have come up with a new term for what we will be experiencing tonight with the weather…

 What the heck is thunder snowing?! 

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