ROCK STAR ~ Kelly Bailey

Kelly Bailey is a passionate new professional who currently serves as an academic advisor at Arizona State University. She is described as always having a positive attitude, eager to learn and grow, and creative. Committed to students’ success, her nominator says: “Sometimes she comes with a bit of tough love, but I think most of her students appreciate this approach because she sets the bar high for them, and they feel great when they meet the expectation”.

Her involvement in the field include: serving as a conference presenter and as a regional chair for NACADA; teaching a first year seminar course to incoming freshman; and actively participating in a weekly chat on Twitter for Academic Advising, where participants discuss ways to improve their advising skills, current events in higher education, and professional development opportunities.

Kelly’s nominator states: “Kelly is seriously a ROCK STAR. I loved working with her each day. Even though she and I were both new professionals (both started at ASU in 2011 as academic advisors), I learned a great deal from her about the advising profession. It was great to have her across the hall to bounce ideas off of or ask how she might handle a difficult student. I no longer get the privilege of working with Kelly everyday and it is something I truly miss”.

Nominated by Steffoni Smith

Student Affairs - the First Years

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