Reaction to Boston: Safety Awareness

by Katie LaSota

Monday was one of those days where you’re reminded of the unexpected fragility of life. While I’ve been wrapped up in thinking about my upcoming busy week, I’ve been reminded of all of the tragedies that I have seen in my last twenty four years of life. While I am thankful that I have not been a part of these, I am reminded of how these things can happen unexpectedly anywhere. Because some of these tragedies have happened on a college campus, I try to be observant of my surroundings and make sure that my students know what do to in any life threatening situation. 

-       Cover policies and safety plans with your students.   
-       Talk about the space that they work in and where they should go in case of an emergency. 
-       Remind them to be observant: 

o   Where are the exits in this room?
o   Are there windows in this classroom?
o   Where could I hide if I needed to?
o   Are the walls sturdy enough to hold off weapons?

These are just a few reminders of how to be safe on campus. Is there anything that your campus recommends that should be included in this brief list that I came up with?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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