On Beautiful Days...Just Breathe

Jenni with an “I”
I like to try and find ways to take a breather when times get busy at work. This past three weeks has been building and building with demands for me at work and last Friday was one of the best days for a breather! Of course it did help that I woke up to a crisp morning that warmed up and became a more and more beautiful day. Well I had several meetings in the morning and right around lunch time I had another impromptu meeting with one of my co-workers when we realized we were hungry. Instead of the usual on campus meal, we decided to go off campus with another co-worker.

I could not have imagined what a big difference it made to be off campus for lunch! And to add to it, we went somewhere I had not been yet! Usually when we all have lunch we end up talking about work anyways. However, it was so refreshing to be in a completely different setting and go off topic! When I returned I had much more energy and excitement to get back into it!

That afternoon I had a scheduled meeting to do some brainstorming with another co-worker for a program. I’m not sure who said it first, but we both agreed that it was too pretty of a day to stay inside. We had our brainstorming session outside and I don’t think it could have been any more productive! It really was a great way to end a busy BUSY week!

Do you have any other great ways to relax/take a breather with such demanding roles as Student Affairs?

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