Life Changes Can Change Your Life

By: Christina Ferrari  

This morning my roommate Caitlin and I woke up with the sun to say goodbye to our third roommate, Ashley, who was boarding a plane to Mexico City for six months, as part of an international business program with her company. An amazing opportunity but a bittersweet goodbye, it reminded me how life is really a series of comings and goings. Working in study abroad for my assistantship this year, I learned the potential for transformation that is inherent in simply getting up and going to a new place. As I watch the second years in my master’s program figure out where they will write the next chapter of their lives, I think about all of the transitions I’ve made and how they have changed me. Coming to college, changing my major, studying abroad in Kenya, living in the city, going to graduate school—the decisions that we make can really impact how we will grow. Perhaps the most exciting thing about all of this is that when it comes to experiences, there is no right or wrong decision. We can only make the best decision for ourselves in the present moment.

I know it can be hard sometimes to take comfort in that thought, especially when the future is so uncertain. But guess what? The future will ALWAYS be uncertain. Crystal balls and fortune tellers are not at our beck and call (and if they are, do you really want to know the answers they hold?). Half the fun in life, half the craziness and source of stress is not knowing what comes next. It is hard; it’s downright brutal at times. But, when you make a choice and immerse yourself into an experience, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that you will be changed. How? It may be just a tan (as will probably be the case for my roomie, Ashley), but hopefully it will be a change below the surface—an experience that rocks you to your core and alters the way you see the world forever…a change that changes your life. That is my hope for Ashley, my hope for my students, and my hope for you.

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