Just a Few Words

by Jenni Kraft

So this week is interview week for my Campus Activities Board officers. There will be lots of excitement surrounding this and Super Week next week (leading up to our big spring concert)! I’ve just read some wonderful things about this great group that I advise and thought I’d share J

“CAB stands for the remarkable initiative that students are willing to take to serve their peers.”

“CAB is a great place to build leadership skills. To me, CAB isn’t only an organization, but it is also an amazing example of what Austin College is.”

“[CAB] honestly feels like a second home
“Students should be able to come to CAB meetings and events and have the time of their life, as well as strengthen bonds between mates or even create new ones.”

 “CAB should stand for promoting bonds  between students through fun programs and providing a place to get involved in student life.”

“CAB should stand for an opportunity for students as AC.”

“I would hope to work with other groups on campus to push CAB to the next level.”

“I have had CAB etched into my life and schedule for the past two years and I don’t plan on changing that.”

 “I know for sure that I will maintain my grades for my premed track as well as remain active in (organizations).”

With these few phrases, I’m so looking forward to seeing where my officers take CAB next year! But first I have to select those officers J

Student Affairs - the First Years

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