Great Co-Workers!

by Jenni with an “I”

So when I applied here at Austin College I noticed that there were 2 positions for Assistant Director of Student Life: Student Activities, Leadership, & Summer Conferences; and Greek Life, Publications, and Residential Programing. Well I chose to go for the first of the two and was so honored to be selected for the position. I was told that they had not hired the other Assistant Director yet but that we would be starting on the same day: July 1, 2012. Well naturally I was interested to know who this character was. Were they a male or female; older or younger; goofy or serious; and many other questions… What I did not anticipate was the strong bond we would develop.

His name is Michael and his is only slightly older than me, fairly goofy, and he has a charming and wonderful wife named Rose. We started our positions not knowing what all that the “professional” roll would entail but we were (and still are) eager about the position! The major tie of our friendship is the fact that we have faced all the struggles and triumphs of our first year together. While our roles cover different areas, there are many commonalities and shared office duties.

I cannot say how wonderful it is to have him on this team to talk to, learn from, and grow with! In fact, at our staff meeting this past week, we went around the room and said something nice about each of our co-workers (oh Student Affairs). Well I believe I went first and as I went around the room talking about the others I was anticipating what I would say to Michael. Well when that time came… I literally had no words! It was simply a “aaaand Michael” followed by a long pause and a “Yip! You know!” Then we both laughed when he did the same exact thing on his turn!

We have had so many deep conversations and learning experiences together. I honestly think we have come to such a respect and understanding for each other that we don’t need words! But, of course we try with thank you cards and words of encouragement! Shout outs to Great Co-Workers!!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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