Being Mindful

by Katie Lasota

I know that last week I talked about the dangers of stress and talking about it, but then April started. For some reason I was not expecting this month to be as busy as it has turned out to be. While I am sticking by what I talked about last week, I’d like to also encourage those of you who are struggling to consider using the mindfulness technique.

While I highly encourage you to Google the meaning of this, I will do my best to give a synapsis. Mindfulness is all about being present in each situation throughout your day. It’s more than just knowing that you are doing a simple task. It’s about realizing your surroundings and feelings while you are in the middle of that task. For example, while you are working at your desk take some time to notice your surroundings. What do you see? Who’s in your office area? If you have a window, what’s happening outside?

When you find your mind starting to wander, take some time to be mindful. So far this has helped me stay on task and find the energy I need to finish my workday. 

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