YOU, the Great and Powerful

For some #TPE13 & #NASPA13 preparation I went and saw a movie – yes, a movie the day before I left for TPE. Sure, could I have been packing, sweating with worry, or doing last minute prep? Yes, but I also wanted to make sure I took two hours to just take care of myself – do something I enjoyed. So I saw Oz, the Great and Powerful

I have seen a lot of talk on Twitter and blogs the past few weeks about being vulnerable and sharing our failures, which can contribute to being more genuine. I full heartedly agree, being willing to share our failures is not only commendable – it is a way for us to unlock our greatest potential (I was going to say unleash… but then quickly thought of “unleash the Kraken” and said too far). Those moments that we feel like we shouldn’t share because they make us appear weak, unprepared, or not the person we want to be are the moments that help us define the person and professional we want to be – so let’s start sharing and creating a culture of sharing!

How, you might ask? Well, I found myself asking that same question after reading @StacyLOliver’s post: Off My Plate. So after reading, thinking, and re-reading, I’ve come up with my own method for sharing these moments we feel we have fallen short.

Find a group you can share with. Wait, didn’t I just say you should share with everyone… well sure, eventually I think we can all get to a place where we feel comfortable talking about the “days when work is hard, when we cry in our offices, when we advocate without being heard, when we lose battles, when we aren’t the person we wish we could be” (Oliver, 2013). Until then or to help get to that point – I recommend finding a group of people who you can share those days with. In order to share with others we have to admit our shortcomings to ourselves first. 

Carry on (my wayward son, and don’t you cry no more). As the saying goes, there is always more work to be done. There is not time to dwell on what was done or what wasn’t, whose fault it is or isn’t, we have to keep moving on.  When a mistake is made or a ball is dropped, the team can learn together, there are valuable lessons to be learned – so please don’t mistake this as a “get up buttercup”, but an urge to keep moving. Take the shortcomings for what they are and focus on what the team can learn from the situation, and as I always say: reflect!

Make amends.  Do no harm, right? I agree with this statement as does the Lorax, also remember yourself in this statement. Make amends with yourself, forgive yourself, and remind yourself that YOU, the great and powerful, have the ability and responsibility to make a difference in the world. 

It’s probably not a foolproof plan, nor is it completely developed, so please share with me your thoughts!

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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