The Boooooking

By Jenni with an “I”

So I am the sponsor for the Campus Activities Board on my campus at Austin College and one of our major events is called “Kangapalooza!” This is a huge spring concert for the campus and I didn’t know that it would take so long to book the artist for! It all began with meetings with a group of students who were to determine how the program would run… including the artist. Once we narrowed down our genre and artist list I contacted our agent and went back and forth pitching a price and date. Finally in December, we got the ok on the date and knew we were close on the price! Well then the break happened and everyone went home.

Once Jan-term began I hit the phone and found out… that they were still on vacation. Once they returned a few weeks later we finally negotiated the price! I thought I was all set!!
NOPE! The contract… and the rider (list of requests) still needed to be negotiated.

Reviewing the contract was not quite the funniest thing as I was not all too familiar with the terms. I was able to sit down with my supervisor who clarified a few things and we removed all the unnecessary things we saw. The next step was to have our contract reviewer look it over and make suggestions. After going back and forth through emails, I finally got to sit down with her and discuss the contract. Then there was a few weeks of sending the contract back and forth between the agent and our office before we finally came to a consensus… at least I hope so!

This past week I was finally able to get the contract signed on our end and it is all in their hands! I can not wait to get it back as I have been looking forward to this since November! I’m hoping now that I have some experience with this process… I’ll be able to expedite this process next year :-)

Student Affairs - the First Years

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