Spring Break at Work

So this is my first year I officially have to work during spring break. Sure I have volunteered my spring break to assist with 2 alternative spring break programs and I’m sure if orientation needed me during the break I would have gladly volunteered. However, I now have a big girl job and have the responsibility of working during the spring break.

You would think this would be a tragic thing at first since I would not be getting an actual break away from work. Yes, I have had all my friends and family ask me what I’m doing for the break and I have to clarify that I have a real job and I don’t necessarily get this week off.

Yet, I have been looking forward to this week all semester. I have learned that at our campus, the spring semester is entirely more jam packed with events and responsibilities than our fall. Thus, for the past 5 weeks, I have been going non-stop at work and in the evenings for our programs. So, the idea of having no programs, back to back meetings, or students popping in and out of my office (who are always welcome), sounded like a relief to me; a break, you could say. Now that that week has begun I can say that my vision has come true. This past Monday was extremely productive and uninterrupted by stress. Even having the on-duty phone for the past few days hasn’t been much of a demand as most of the students have gone off to places where they will be making smart choices (as I always instruct). The remainder of the week is looking to be just as productive and relaxing as I hope.

With all that said, I do look forward to an actual break :-) I plan on taking some time off once my baby niece is born (1 more month)! And I’m feeling a trip abroad is calling me in the next year. I know once I start planning for it I will get even more energized by the idea and that energy will spread into all my work as well. Do you have any exciting vacations planned? Ideas for mine?!

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