My Student Affairs Movie Collection

By Jenni with an “I”

Have you seen the movie “Pitch Perfect?” I watched it with my students recently and could not believe how much I enjoyed it! First of all, it was mostly singing and hilarious. But my biggest draw in was the amount of “Student Affairs” sprinkled into the movie! Along with the organization fair one of the professors encourages a student to get involved because it is a proven way to lead to college success! I was all over it: identifying their development level and figuring out how I could guide them and seeing some of it unravel in the movie! I was tickled with joy while watching the movie!

This has inspired me to start a collection on Student Affairs movies for my shelf at home… and maybe to share in the office J. I’ll have to do some research to identify some other movies, but at this point I have 2 that I am SO looking forward to:

#1: “Admission” about an admissions officer at Princeton University who lives a regular orderly life and gets a call from a simple dad who insists his son is perfect for her school (my own outline… fyi). I cannot wait till its release on Friday! I look forward to seeing if there are going to be any hidden SA messages.

#2 is Monster University the story about when Mike and Sully (from Monsters Inc.) meet for the first time… in college!!! I’m so excited to see this movie and I must admit, it’s mostly due to the INCREDIBLE Monster University website: You have to check it out because it’s VERY well done… as if it were a real campus website! The campus programs are updated weekly and I am a little upset that I can’t apply for the fall since applications are not being accepted yet.

So my question for you is, have you seen any movies that really “scream” Student Affairs? I’d love to hear them to include them in my collection!

P.S. Shout out to those of you who attended NASPA! Safe travles!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. On the Res Life side of student affairs Crash is an amazing movie. Shows that everyone is different and dealing with their own demons.
    I also love Accepted. Teach students what they need along with the standard curriculum.


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