LEADERSHIP TRAINING; Has it become a routine?

Valencia College’s Student Development department is revamping its Student leadership training programs for our Summer 2013 session. In my particular office, for the Fall 2013 semester, we will have four sets of student leaders; they will be the Welcome Team, the Peer Educators, the Valencia Volunteers and the Student Government Leaders.

From the list of student leaders, you would think that we have a giant office to house all of them, but our space is very limited. It is unfortunate that each student leader group does not have their own space for work.
Right now, though, my department is going through a reorganization of our student leadership training. We want to make sure that our students are getting the proper student development training they need to be successful in their respective leadership positions.

Since each of our student leader groups serves a different function, we would like to have trainings for both each group and for all the groups together. We believe two distinct trainings with each leadership team will benefit their specific leadership training needs.
I look forward to developing our student leadership training programs and having a set of learning outcomes that will help guide us toward developing a sustainable training model for future academic and fiscal years.

So, as we develop our student leader training for this summer, my question for you is – “What does YOUR student leader training look like on your campus?”  “What key concepts do you make sure to represent at your training?” “How do you have students have a meaningful training session?”

Also, I will be at the NASPA 2013 Conference, so if anyone of you would like to connect  contact me on twitter @LaurenKappy !

Lauren Kaplan

Student Affairs - the First Years

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