How Many Student Services people does it take to change a light bulb?

Some people may disagree, but we all need humor in our lives to get through the rough and tough times. There is nothing better than hearing some great Student Affairs jokes that everyone in our field will most likely be able to relate to. It is Friday after all, so here is a little light hearted fun to keep you chugging along!

"How many Student Services people (and a few more) does it take to change a light bulb?"

VP's Office - What are the learning outcomes associated with changing that bulb?
Asst. VP's - and who do you think is going to pay for all these bulbs?
Financial Aid - File your FAFSA, then worry about it
Residence Life - You need to bring your own light bulbs, read your license agreement
Student Union - We'll have to charge you extra to change that bulb
Student Government - We'll pass a resolution recognizing the bulb is out, then it shall be out
Judicial Affairs - if you read the code we have 5 days to decide then 3 days to respond then 5 days to act
Admissions and Records - FERPA doesn't allow us to tell you that information
Prospective Students - Our light bulbs never burn out, it's perfect here, read the script
Legal Counsel - Well who bought those bulbs in the first place?
First Year Experience - At least two, and they need to feel like they matter
Disability Resource Center - According to the ADA that ceiling will have to be lowered
Greek Life - We don't change anything, it is always out, its tradition. Can we still have our party?
Career Services - one each from the MBTI personality types should work
Service Learning - Let's see who wants to volunteer for that job?
Transition Programs - no, really it's not too late you can still change it
Counseling Center - We would like to tell you but that's confidential
Tutoring program - we can teach anyone how to change it
Bookstore - we have bulbs with the logo on sale this week at 20% off
Graduate Students - oh sure you ask us to change light bulbs but forget us every other time
Assessment Office - We need to do a survey for that. It will take about 2 months to collect the data and analyze the results. We'll get back to you.
Strategic Planning - Within five years we won't even need light bulbs
Student Activities - we reserved ALL the light bulbs a long time ago
Mediation - everyone will have to agree with the changing process
Computing Services - If you had backed up your files, this wouldn't be a problem
Testing center - a high analytical score will determine the changer
Building & Grounds - we need a work order and an account number
The Student - It is just a light bulb, take it easy
Hope you all have a happy Friday!

Peace, Love, and Student Affairs,
Kim Pho

Student Affairs - the First Years

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