Housing: The Knock Out

by Katie LaSota

This week I experience my first, knock-my-feet-in-from-under-me, type of sickness while being a Residence Director.  While I have been trying to step my game up on Twitter, everything including work has been disconnected/shut down over the last five days. The most ironic part about being sick last week was that it was kind of inconvenient. Last week was the week before Spring Break and we needed to close the halls. While I had full confidence in my staff and their ability to close my buildings, it would have been nice to be around for questions or concerns. 

While I could not talk or function last week, I still had feelings of guilt and suspicion. I felt bad that I was out of work for three days. When I say suspicion, I mean that others might think that “I was not really that sick.” I understand that I am projecting these feelings onto my colleagues because none of them did or said anything that would make me think or feel this way. I guess I struggled with truly letting go last week. 

What do you do when you are sick? How do you feel/combat those feelings? This situation also got me thinking about how we support staff that are sick. Do we try to step in and help out? 

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