Drum Roll!

This past weekend I got to actually go home for the first time this year (ok it’s only been 2 months… but it feels like forever)! And it was specifically to host my sister’s baby shower! I’ve known since August that she was having a baby but I have been looking forward to the baby shower since this was the day that we would all learn the sex of the baby. I was so excited about this event that all of my co-workers knew and I was really happy to hear the magic words from my boss “why don’t you leave early?” I had a few meetings but after all that I left early to drive home and got home around 10:30pm to start baking cookies and decorating. I went to bed exhausted (after all… I NEVER stay up till 2am now-a-days) but supper excited about what the next day would bring!

The shower started at 2pm and we had our guests sign in and select a ribbon to represent “Team Girl” or “Team Boy.” I was supper excited to be marching around with my pink ribbon since I have been “Team Girl” since the very start! My basic reason: every baby born (family, friends, mentors, etc) have all been boys. In addition, the fathers choose “Team Boy” and I like to be the opposing team J Don’t get me wrong… I was all for this baby to be a boy. But I have enjoyed singing, reading, talking and speaking to this baby as if it were a girl! So, I had fun running around the baby shower with my pink ribbon… although I was one of very few to be wearing pink. Well we played the dipper smelling game, a baby bottle apple juice drinking game, and the waist guessing game and it was all fun and games! But the part everyone (especially me) was looking forward to was the cake cutting ceremony! 

It was finally here!! I was so excited! I had made a reversible sign that said “It’s A Girl/Boy!” and, of course, I had it ready on girl.

So the first cut was made and we were expecting that pieces of the cake would stick to the knife… it didn’t. So we waited for the second cut and to pull it out when we found it to be PINK!

I was ecstatic! I jumped around singing and dancing for joy! Now, knowing there is a slight chance… I will LOVE this child if it turns out to be a boy on the delivery day. But I must say that was a very exciting moment :-)

It really had me all emotional and excited for my sister and family in general! It’s so neat to see a baby girl in our family! However, the idea has me thinking a few things about my future now that I’m so far away:
  • Where will I be when my sister goes into delivery?
  • Will I be able to make it in time?!
  • Am I going to be able to build the relationship I want with my niece when I live a 6 hour drive away?
  • Will this affect my future?
The last one is really the only one I really know. Yes! This is surely going to change my future, but my niece can only change it for the better! I’m so excited and can’t wait no matter what!
~Jenni with an “I” A.K.A. Aunt/Tia Jenni!

Jenni Kraft

Student Affairs - the First Years

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