Anonymous Student Affairs Twitter Accounts: Yay or Nay?

by Katie LaSota

Last week I wrote a post that gave a “Must Follow List” of Student Affairs Twitter accounts. This post gained a lot of attention on Twitter and sparked a conversation that led to discussion between many people about the appropriateness of anonymous accounts. While I have yet to develop a solid stance on this issue, I thought that it was a needed conversation. Some of the people involved in this discussion think that sometimes these accounts cross the line of satire to outright offensive. While I have not felt offended by these sites, I do think that it is important for Student Affairs professionals to watch what they are Tweeting before they hit the post button.

As a Student Affairs professional, I have many conversations with students about how to use social media appropriately. While my conversation focuses on the appropriate ways to use these sites, I know that most of us talk to and warn our students about the dangers that are present on these sites. With that said, how do we reconcile our own use of social media sites? For those who run these Twitter accounts, how do you reconcile your use with what you tell students? Do you think that you may lose credibility? 

I fully recognize that I follow and enjoy some of the postings that these types of accounts create. If these Twitter accounts lost their audience they might cease to exist. I have come to recognize that values congruency needs to follow us to our Twitter accounts. Even for those that are anonymous.

Find me on Twitter @katielasota. I’d love to hear what some of these Twitter accounts have to say about the criticism that they have been receiving.


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  1. Katie, I salute you for engaging in discussion on this topic. For my part, I think that there is merit to these accounts for giving us an opportunity to laugh and commiserate on the tougher parts of our work. That said, there is a difference between highlighting these as a way to escape the tedium and high-pressure parts of our work, and holding up as representative of the profession. We are a field of open and caring people who, in our quieter and sometimes more private moments have flashes of snark and cynicism. I'm glad there's a place for that. I just wish there were more places for the happy moments that we share (e.g. My Life is Awesome as a companion concept to F My Life)

  2. I have a soft spot in heart for these. There are times when I think my job is getting tough, and these accounts remind me of how good my students actually are. The stories I see on there are interesting because I have seen things like that before, but my students here are almost angels compared to some other university students. I love my job!

    1. That's a really great take on some of these accounts! I think most of these accounts get stuck in what's bothering them with a single situation at that exact moment. I do think that words might get added to be funny or sometimes these stories might even be made up. Lucas, I am happy to hear that you love your job. I love mine too. It might be interesting to make an account that highlights the positives/joys about our job.


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