A Proud Advisor

By Joshua Wilson

Like a proud parent would celebrate a child's success we must also do so as advisors for our students. The students we work with are learning. I had a student say to me last week, that through her involvement in planning and events she was introduced to concepts she never imagined were needed in event planning.

Saturday, March 23 students I've worked with over the past year successfully organized and managed a half marathon race with 1300 runners.

I prepped the student programmers the week before the race with this concept, "there are no problems, there are only solutions." So often we programmers and advisors can get caught up in the "worry worthy" details with events.

As predicted there were a number of changes and concerns that popped up the week of the race and I am so proud of the student's attitude and work ethic.

Reflecting after the race I am also brought to think of my own learning curve. Before my experiences with the 2012 race I have had little to no involvement with races. For you runners, I did not even know what chip timing meant.

With that being said I learn from experience. Thinking of Kolb's learning model I learn best from practice or with concrete experience. After observing students through a number of event experiences we advisors get to interact with students who have all sorts of learning preferences. I believe understanding learning styles only helps us advisors and educators bring students’ abilities to full capacity.

As their proud advisor my students rocked Saturday’s event and more power to them. This is an experience they can be proud of for a long time. It’s when I look at why they enjoyed this experience I can process just how many life lessons are connected and it makes super excited to be part of the student affairs community.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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