You Can Go Home Again

I spent this past weekend at the Dalton Institute on College Student Values in sunny but chilly Tallahassee, FL. In addition to being the fictional home of Dunder-Mifflin’s once owner Sabre, those who have followed my posts for a while will remember Tallahassee and Florida State University as my most recent former home.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about heading back to Tallahassee, given the speed and enthusiasm with which I left. While I really enjoyed my students and coworkers at FSU, I struggled in Tallahassee socially and ended up leaving to build on relationships I had in Boston.

As the time to return to FSU grew closer, I found myself exponentially more excited by the day. While I was enthusiastic about the new people I would get to meet and learn from at Dalton, my excitement to check on the progress of my former students and to catch up personally with my former coworkers at times eclipsed my conference-related happiness.

The weekend finally arrived, and I threw myself into the dual task of building new relationships at Dalton, and renewing the strength of established ones on campus and off. I spent my days going from one session to the next, soaking up knowledge and strategy to take home with me, and my nights going to dinner and watching movies with the people who sustained me during an admittedly difficult year there. I was eager to learn about projects that had been started as I was leaving, about students who had struggled in the months following my departure, and about the personal lives of my colleagues and friends. It was wonderful to have them in my life again, and I was profoundly sad to leave them.

It is fitting that I had this experience this past weekend, for I will need to do the same with you all very shortly. This is my last regular Friday post with Student Affairs First Years- I hope to contribute occasionally as the editors will allow, but will otherwise be concentrating on other writing projects. I have truly loved expressing my thoughts and reflecting on my experiences in this space, and hope that you have enjoyed reading. I’d like to write again here in the future, and sincerely wish for a return reception as warm as the one I received when I returned to Tallahassee. But in the meantime, take good care, and thanks so much! 

Amma Marfo

Student Affairs - the First Years

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