What Do You Recruit For?

Today, I had the awesome opportunity to present to a class of local 8th graders about what “real” college is/was/could be like. How did this happen? Well one of my colleagues got a text message from one of the faculty members from the Higher Ed program saying she needed help because a presenter backed out last minute. She needed some people to come in and talk about what college was like.

Well in hopes of earning some “brownie” points I said, “why not” – and I love presenting and recruiting! Recruiting? Yes, I said it, recruiting. That’s what we were doing, recruiting students to the idea of higher education, getting them to buy-in to the experience – we were also trying to prepare them by giving them skills and knowledge of college – but recruiting nonetheless.

I love recruiting, and the only thing I love more than recruiting is this rationale for why recruiting is so important. Recruiting has the ability to inspire someone to want to join something. Sure, if you look at the dictionary it will probably tell you it is the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a person for a job. Sure. But what is recruiting, what are the possibilities?

To me it is simple. It is selling an idea. Inspiring this idea within someone, and hopefully getting that person on-board with that idea, getting that person to believe they are “qualified”, if you may, to be a part of that idea.

I went this direction with this experience because we are about to head into heavy recruitment season, and because I am in a leadership course that makes me SUPER reflective, but also because I believe we all have the potential to recruit! Recruit someone to something.

What do you recruit for?

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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