Unexpected Call

It was really great the other day to get a call from a former classmate who wanted MY opinion. She had been working at her current role for a year after grad school and was looking to apply for an Assistant Director or Director’s position at a school that is similar to Austin College. She wanted to know what it was like to transition from college straight into an Assistant Directors position and to be at a very different institution. It was really interesting because I somehow forgot that that was a big accomplishment for me. Then I went on explaining my transition process (most of which I have blogged about): learning about the campus, the family feel you get at a small campus, more about the politics, trying to make my way around a small town, finding friends and things to do. It was such a fun and unexpected conversation and I was so happy she had called.

It was such a nice break from the extremely hectic (while productive and commendable) week of programing, meetings, proposals, and covering for another role (while my staff member was out sick). I truly value these precious moments. Have you had anything similar happen in a time of chaos?

Jenni with an “I”

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