Reasons I Don’t Drink Caffeine

Let me tell you about my Superbowl Sunday. Drink in moderation folks – caffeine. Here I am with a colleague watching the big game, tweeting and tweeting, and liking and commenting, Facebooking, people making up fake statistics about me, and bouncing off the walls. Why, Because I had a few glasses of Coke with dinner! It wasn’t until fourth quarter that I realized just how long it’s been since the last time I had a caffeine. Now headache. Caffeine crash. Water. And preparing for work tomorrow. What an awesome Super Bowl people!

Which was your favorite superbowl ad?

What lessons did you learn from the Superbowl?

I definitely used Audi's bravery slogan with at a student one-on-one meeting this morning 02.04. "Be Brave" I said this this club president whose group is struggling to stay energized in membership and programs. In a way it's falling by the way side. In Student Affairs terms this  would be considered a little C&S or "Challenge and Support."  

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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