“New” Members Step Up

At some point in any student organization, you begin to sense a change in the energy of the group. That energy is beginning to buzz with my Campus Activities Board (CAB)! It has only been one week into the spring semester and I can see a difference in the initiative the general members are taking. Last semester I had an idea of a few CAB members who I could see in an officer position for the upcoming academic year. In working through last semester and starting this one, now they are beginning to see that opportunity themselves. I have even heard the words “preparing to be an officer” being spoken! I am greatly enjoying it! Not only is it great to see leadership qualities beginning to shine in more members, but the energy it produces is also energizing the rest of the group!

We have had a burst of new members for the past two meetings and much more assistance with program set ups & take downs than we have ever had in the past. I am very much excited about it because my understanding is that the last few years membership has been waning and even applications had been opened up to the general student body rather than current members. With things going the way they are now, it’s surely going to be a good competitive race for the open officer positions. Another interest of mine is to see which of my current officers will be returning and for which positions they will apply for!? Who will be the leader and the all-around core team of the 2013-2014 CAB!! I can’t wait to know!

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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