My Friday in 7 Seconds: A bad case of the “Fridays”

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Fridays: the one day that keeps us from the weekend. This can be a godsend to some or just a continuation of the work week for others. When we are granted with a rather low key Friday, it’s hard to not let yourself fall into what I like to call the “end-of-the-week-slump-of-unproductivity” or maybe “Just a bad case of the Fridays,” who knew either ever actually existed?

Lets not fool ourselves, if not on a Friday, we have all had those days where you’re just simply feeling unmotivated. So many things seem so much more alluring then doing the tasks at hand. It’s those days where you think you’re taking just 1 turn on Words With Friends that end up being a full-fledged game, or what seems like taking an innocent glance on Facebook turns into a 3 hour escapade. Next thing you know it is 4:30pm and you haven’t done nearly enough work; potentially making you feel like a bum.

How do you keep yourself motivated on days like this and essentially not feeling like a bum?

I can tell you through my own experiences that I’m a huge multi-tasker by nature and always feel the need to be productive (even if it’s not a task that directly relates, guilty as charged). You can completely blame the potential “millennial” in me that working on multiple tasks keeps me engaged. Even more so, I realized that being able to achieve the smaller more attainable tasks gave me a feeling of instant gratification that keeps me going. Can’t go wrong with small accomplishments!

I realize that everyone is unique in how they work, and honestly when it comes down to it you just got to “do you”. So here are some other techniques, methods, modes of operations on how people stay productive or motivated on Fridays “fresh” from the source:

“Caffeine? Really, I think about what students need for the weekend; what I need to do to get done to make sure they can have fun and get ready for the new week.”

“By reminding myself that I want to leave on time for the weekend, which means I have to get things done. My less professional response is by coming in late and leaving early so I feel guilty enough to do work.”

“Normally I don’t have to because I’m so busy, but today I’m like dying. Usually I read The Chronicle and look at Higher Ed Jobs, haha.”

“Ummmm, I multitask.”

“I tell myself there is no other choice, literally.”

“Have at least one meeting where you have to leave your office because it requires some sort of responsibility to other people besides yourself. Depending on what you want to do, other people tend to be more casual on Fridays, but if you dress to the level of professionalism that you want to display for that day it mentally prepares you to stay motivated.”

So I leave you with these wise words of some fellow Student Affairs colleagues, but if you are so compelled to comment as well I would love to know how you stay motivated and productive?

Oh, and I also leave you with this Friday Haiku.

Today is Friday
Do work, don’t feel like a bum
That is not much fun.

Signing Off,

Kim Pho


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