Missing School

Ok… so this may or may not sound crazy, but this past week I have felt very nostalgic. I had been reminiscing on all my graduate school days and missing them! I thought about all the relationships I had developed (and strengthened) through the two years and all the opportunities that were on hand. Your professors are very accessible to ask questions or get their opinions on in an instant (or at least on a weekly basis in person). There are scholarships available to apply for and chances to be a part of case studies and much more! As a student, you are engaged in your textbooks and trying to absorb as much as you can. Yes, this was partially for a research paper, class discussion, exam, presentation, etc. But also because you were interested and becoming more and more inspired by the idea of application and your bright future!

The way these things come to you in the professional world is presented in a much more different perspective. There are even more prioritization and time commitments for you to balance and trying to actually figure out your work/life balance in the real world has you deciding between reading student leadership/development books and good old fashion leisure readings. There is still a passion to be that lifelong learner and be engulfed in books and discussions, and yet there is still a need to work on something for fun!

I know a doctorate degree is in my future and I am looking forward to it! For now, I am working on discovering ways to keep that passion for learning and find different ways to channel it while learning to live life a bit! For those of you still in graduate school, enjoy the hours of reading and researching while you can! It’s something you are truly passionate about, even if it seems like a lot of work!

Also, for those of you getting ready for conferences and interviews, soak it in and Good Luck!!!

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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