In my residence hall I have had a really hard time getting residents to understand that they need to put their personal garbage in their own garbage can… This past weekend my residents were on break because my institution has a six week policy that states that students need to be given a long weekend break (Thursday-Sunday) when classes have been in session for six weeks without a break. This weekend I came back to campus after a great derby practice to find a pizza box in the entry way garbage. There is something about pizza boxes being put in the garbage’s that custodians have to take out that really grinds my gears! So this resident forgot that their name and phone number would still be on the receipt. While I was tempted to call this resident, I decided to write a note asking them to take out the pizza box. The next day that box had been moved from where I had placed it and the resident had taken the receipt off of the box. Little does this resident know, I have a list of people who stayed in my area because they had to register to stay over the long weekend break. While I have not contacted this resident, I have decided to take away the garbage can because believe it or not another box made it into that garbage even with the note in plain view.

How do you approach these situations? Does the time of year change your strategy? What frustrations do you have with you residence hall? 

Katie LaSota

Student Affairs - the First Years

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