Do Student Affairs Professionals really get down on Friday?: A Film Noir turned Student Affairs

The sky was matted gray as the remnants of lake effect snow melted away. It was a dreary winter day at Notre Dame, as I begrudgingly walked back to my office after having left my car lights on in the parking lot. As I walked into my office I saw the dreaded 1 liner flash on my phone, “1 Missed Phone Call”.
It was from Joshua Wilson. Dialing back, little did I know what I was getting myself into on this Friday morning. I reluctantly pressed the dial button to call Sir Joshua Wilson back.

“Kim. How about that blog post,” Josh’s voice stood firm in his request.

“What post?” I nonchalantly respond. Recalling the conversation we had the day before about the infamous Student Affairs First Year’s Blog. Did I intentionally forget this request? I would like to think not. But maybe... just maybe.

“You have until 1pm today,” Josh responds with a swift click of the phone. The request is made and my Friday is done.

What to write, what to write? I found myself pondering through many ideas. All satirical and only to be taken with an ounce of seriousness ranging from “Whose got my back when you leave your car lights on in the parking lot?” to the mundane “Who do you eat lunch with when everyone has meetings?” Dare I even think of writing an expose entitled: “How to get people to write for your Blog: The Joshua Wilson Story,” but no point in being bitter my fate has been planned on this Friday - now afternoon.

It is Friday though… Friday, aren’t people supposed to be getting down on Friday? I sit at my desk now, when the questions really starts to dawn on me. In reference to the infamous YouTube sensation Rebecca Black: Do Student Affairs Professionals actually get down on Friday?

* * *

To be able to really assess this question in proper student affairs fashion, we need to have the proper Learning Outcomes.

As a result of asking the question: “As a student affairs professional, in the words of Rebecca Black, are you really getting down on Friday?”

Student affairs professionals will:

  1. Engage in an interactive discussion based on the their common inquiry of the significance of Friday
  2. Identify 3 key elements in that determine “getting down on Friday”
  3. Recite the consequential days that come before Friday
  4. Be able to answer the question as stated above
 After much deliberation and questioning of other Student Affairs Professionals, I’ve been presented with the following sampling of responses:

“Ha, ha, We have a snow day!”

“If getting down means getting work done, absolutely!”

“We are probably not.”

“I woke up about 15 mins ago. I think that counts… Right?”

“Oh. You know it.”

“On the contrary. I’m getting ready for this Epic storm we are about to have. Black can’t handle it.”

“Not yet, but yesterday was Thursday and today is Friday and we, we, we so excited we’re gonna have a ball.”

“Haha, yep! Totally am, except I’m Enrollment Management not Student Affairs.”

As you can see, none of these responses really answer my impending question. I’m fully convinced that Student Affairs professionals don’t get down on Friday.

But will I be getting down on Friday, you ask?

If by getting down, we define it as neglecting work to write a blog post? Then yes. I am getting down on Friday.

The question I would like to leave you all with though is, “How do YOU get down on Friday?”

Happy Friday Folks!

Peace, Love, and Student Affairs,

Kim Pho


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