Would You Please Pass Me the Salt?

I hope everyone has been having a great vacation, especially if you are now headed back to work.  Over my vacation I have been having a great time (and I will probably write about it next week, since I am still on vacation now – grad school perks) and I had a ton of time with family, which has led me to reflect on some things. 

As I was spending time with cousins, aunts & uncles, brothers, and parents I was thinking of all the lessons we’ve heard from our grandparents. There is so many – my grandma likes to tell the same story over and over – but one that has stuck with me is that when someone asks for the salt you should also pass the pepper. I always think of my grandma and grandpa when anyone asks for the salt (or pepper) without asking for the other, and I always pass both. Now, I know that this is something people are told they’re “supposed” to do, but I like to think of it as an important lesson I learned from my family. 

Being home with family has also led me to think about my upcoming job search and what is important to me. Well, I would like to be close to family, I’d also like to live in or within a few hours of a (big) city, and I would also like to work with some great people. My family would also like me to live a little closer to them so I can visit for family events – and wouldn’t that be great? So, how do you get all of this, how do I pass both the salt and pepper in this situation?

To be frank, I am not sure. I plan to look in the region my family all lives, and in/near/around certain major cities which would allow me to get flights home quicker. Also this is something my significant other and I have to talk about and figure out how we plan to pass the salt and pepper together.  In my opinion, it was essential for me to figure this out – to figure out what the pepper is to my salt. Once I start thinking of it like that it makes this process that much less nerve-wracking. So, I am sorry if you were looking for a grand epiphany, but I haven’t found it. What I know is that there are several people, conditions, and aspects that are important to me and as I search I will be sure to pass both the salt and pepper.

In peace,
Ryan Bye (@ByeByeRyan)

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