The Calm Before the Storm

Welcome back to the office, everyone, and Happy New Year to you!

Simply put, it’s quiet. Too quiet. I’m back in the office, Pandora rolling away, the comfortable chatter from adjacent offices thumping gently through the’s almost normal.
But it’s not. Because odds are, I’ll be able to work on most things today largely uninterrupted. No students rushing in with concerns, last-minute approvals, or need of the campus credit card to make purchases.

So what’s a Student Affairs pro to do when the lifeblood of her work won’t be back for another two weeks? Yes, I have Netflix instant, but that’s not going to come into play here. What I will do instead is work ahead. Work toward presentations that I have to do for RA and Orientation training. I will start developing more fully our organization development series proposal, which I’m hoping to debut at the end of the month. I’ll do more detailed work on conference presentations that will be presented in February.

But above all, and most importantly, I will enjoy it. Do I love working with students? Of course, that’s why so many of us do what we do. But the slower pace is a gift during this time of year, and I intend to cherish it before the speed is turned up.

How do you spend the lull between the New Year and when students return to campus?

Amma Marfo

Student Affairs - the First Years

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