Self Defense Class Teaches More

A couple of weeks ago one of our cleaners for the student center here at Austin College invited me to a free self-defense class. Her name is Brandy and she has always been great to work with and talk to when I’m walking around the building. So, when she invited me to this program, I was happy to tell her I would be there.

When I arrived I saw her in the kitchen grilling all the delicious sandwiches we were going to eat for dinner. It was such a great little event that was hosted by her martial arts company. You could tell that they had all gotten to know each other because they were so friendly, they seemed like family! They all warmly greeted me, some even with hugs, and I felt very welcomed to this new place. It was really exciting to be able to hang out with Brandy over dinner and learn more about each other. She had always been the type that would say “yes/no Ma’am!” And now I know that is from her background in karate! In addition she looks so youthful that I would have never guessed her age or that she had a whole family! I always think it’s really neat when I finally learn something more deep about someone from a shared experience. . So as the night continued we got to go into the self-defense class and it was fun just to “play” fight with her in order to practice the basic moves! It was rather exciting to let her see a new side of me, which included dress, and attitude. Even more so, it was great to be more at the core of who I am rather than the hierarchical structure of a job. I know that most, if not everyone, in our field never has a problem getting to know, appreciate and recognize ALL of the people they work with, but this community program really took us to a whole new level! J Have you ever had an experience like this?

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