SA First Years Challenge 6 - Where Are You Now?

Some of you have been at this Student Affairs graduate/ professional role for less than a year and others might have multiple years under their belt.

The challenge this week is to take time to reflect where you are now. If you like to write, journal about it. Or write it down , place it an envelope, and put it away for safe keeping so that you might stumble upon this letter later on. If you really want to take the challenge to the next level, do what many of our writers do each weekday, and post your reflection on a Student Affairs blog or website, open door to send to this website.

We're celebrating one year because graduate and students and professions were bold enough to share their experieces and stories.

Your story is your story and when we take time to think about where we've been and where we are now, it could possilby provide us hope and courage to think about where we can go next.

SA First Years Team

Student Affairs - the First Years

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