One Word, One Personal Commitment

I was perusing Twitter this week and saw some of my connections summing up their New Year’s Resolutions in one word and then using the hashtag #oneword2013 or #oneword365. What a brilliant idea! Make your resolution a mantra, apply a one word concept to all aspects of your life. As I thought about the many uncertainties in my life and the anxiety I felt about it all, I remember something my partner had told me: “Christina, you really don’t handle stress well. You need to learn to trust more.”


The power this little word holds is great and it’s a word that I know will guide the next 300 and some odd days ahead. Trust permeates our relationships, careers, and our futures. As my partner of five years selects a graduate program that will most likely be hundreds of miles away from me, we will need to trust in our love and that our relationship can survive any distance or length of time that may separate us. In my own career, as I enter this semester of my program, I will need to trust that I have enough time to fulfill responsibilities in my internships, assistantship, and coursework . In the coming months as I move forward and make decisions that will affect my future, I will have to trust my internal voice and trust that, if I follow my heart, I will be led where I need to go. Trust in God and His guidance will be paramount as I discern what path to take.

With 2013 now upon us, we all have goals that we are trying to achieve. What one word speaks to you? What will you tell yourself every day and incorporate into your life during these next twelve months?

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Christina Ferrari 

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  1. Epiphany is my word for 2013. I'm excited to see God revealed in new ways in the coming year.


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