My First Jan-Term

My first week back after a great break was refreshing. Since the students had not returned back yet, I was able to organize and get things taken care of quicker. This week our students will be returning! Well, not all of them. Just the freshmen and a few others who have chosen to take a “Jan-Term” here at Austin College; which I have never experienced before. The second years and on have the choice to taking a Jan-Term, studying abroad, or enjoying a little longer of a break.  Each student staying for Jan-Term will be taking 1 class during January and this leaves a lot of open space for… what else, programing! As I oversee student activities on campus, I have compiled a jam packed calendar of events for January including: fitness, games/tournaments, spiritual, wellness, career, Sports, and simply fun programs. Of course this was with the help of a few departments on campus, but it looks like the students should have no trouble finding activities to entertain themselves with after class is over and they have finished studying. I will be kicking off the programing with a “What’s Going On” table in our busy area to make sure the students know what they have to look forward to in Jan-Term and for the spring semester! I will surely let you all know how this weeks’ programs go :-)

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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