It’s Been 6 Months!

Yup! I have now been in my new role and location for a whole 6 months now (and a couple of weeks). It’s so crazy to look back at all the things I have learned and accomplished so far. Probably the biggest thing to learn has been this COMPLETELY new type of campus. Learning all the ins and outs of everything has been very interesting and has provided a whole new perspective. Another interesting thing that I feel should be covered more in graduate school that you learn is more politics. The only thing is that… I really am not too sure how to explain/teach it. It’s really something you experience and that will be very different at each campus (I’m sure).
Some great things that have been consistent are the wonderful students. The kind that make you want to get up and do programs from 8am to 11pm (sometimes 1:30am). It’s always wonderful to help a student through a situation or hear about their successes (and you always feel a little sense of ownership). The great programing is also still consistently fun to plan and be involved in. And the people I am working with are also supper wonderful and supportive (I must say though, at a smaller campus, I sure do know a lot more of the campus wide staff)!

All the exciting accomplishments even begin from the little things to the big: 

  • Finding out that the random key in your desk unlocks the filling cabinet behind you
  • Getting to know your co-workers
  • Figuring out how to make purchases in all three forms
  • Teaching your boss something
  • Hosting your first meeting
  • Really advising a student group or 2
  • Completing your first weekend on duty
  • Hearing from other offices that you have brought completely new ideas/programs/perspectives to your campus
  • Creating and designing the first ever Organization Leadership Forum
  • Inspiring your students to strive for more! Watching them achieve successes
  • And many many more!

For those of you who are just starting the actual job searching process, I wish you the very best!! Keep the optimism a drive that you have RIGHT NOW throughout the process. Do not give up even though those applications may seem endless. All your hard work and dedication to your search: the actual looking, narrowing down what you want, the asking advice from all your networks, the interviewing (the good and bad) and all the steps in between (including classes and graduation); will all pay off!  :D You will get through it and will have a big smile on your face and maybe even celebrate by going out to get a massage! J It’s going to be such a great feeling that will be so worth it! …who knows, maybe you will be the one writing about your success 6 months in ;)

Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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